Posted by: Cris | February 3, 2010

Calf blankets…

I’d thought I’d share a picture of a calf blanket I made.  They have denim on the outside & quilted taffeta on the inside.  They cost me half the price of buying one.  Thus, helping along my debt reduction plan that is slowly taking shape.

For the picky bovine, I’ve also made the blanket in a stonewash finish.  LOL!!!  🙂

indigo & stonewash finish



  1. Nice work! I have been looking around for patterns, we have several calves due soon, and since we are on a budget also, I don’t want to pay 30-40 dollars for one. We have over a foot of snow right now, and it’s still coming down hard, farmers around here have been losing cows and calves left and right. Did you make this pattern up, or did you buy it somewhere?

  2. I did a little experimenting with the pattern. Then found denim on clearance online. Then won an auction for 5 yds of the satin quilted lining. For a newborn calf I’m using a 24″ spine. That seems to work well with our shorthorns.

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